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    spy-vs-spy-without-bombs-775529The Canadian “Human Rights” Commission (CHRC) has “placed itself in a position of deemed refusal” according to the Information Commissioner of Canada in response to complaints filed by the Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF). After months of wrangling with the federal government’s chief censorship body, the CTF was able to obtain records from the CHRC revealing that Chief Commissar Jennifer Lynch spent much more on flights and hospitality than she revealed online, and that what she disclosed was at times nearly half of the actual cost.

    The CTF filed three separate Access to Information Requests in August of 2009 to obtain details on Lynch’s expenses.  The CHRC refused to provide information within the legally allotted time frame as it would “unreasonably interfere with the operations of the [Commission],” but finally bowed to pressure and released the documents more than a month late.

    In the Information Commissioner’s rulings dated January 27, 2010, the CHRC was deemed in all three cases to have failed to comply with the law and provide the required and complete information within the proper time frame.

    The CHRC’s respect for Canada’s access to information laws should hardly be a surprise given its respect for Canada’s constitution and legal inheritance.

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  • Meh — imagine that, another can of worms wiggling out of the cracks of Canada’s bastion of PC subversives. Are we really surprised? Can a Hyena be transformed into a house cat?

    What matters is how the government (PMO) acts on the pathological malfeasance from this rogue commission.

    Given Harper’s past performance in dealing with blatant bureaucratic insubordination, I’d say Jenny’s job is safe.

  • ECM, most Canadians are unaware of the HRC’s true agenda, which is to act as a separate justice system to create a world the HRC likes, in other words, a socialist tyranny.

    Many of us have E-mailed our MP’s and the PM’s office about the HRc’s,and receive only a form reply, “thank you for your E-mail.It will be brought to the attention of …etc.,”

    You might call it a brush-off.

    I don’t know why, but governments are unwilling to even slightly criticize the HRC’s, and when one questions an MP at a public meeting,the reply is the usual politician’s non-reply,”we’re looking into your concerns”etc,.

    Maybe Canada has become so socialistic that all Parties want the power of the HRC’s at their fingertips,just in case.

  • ECM- We have but politicians seem to be afraid to act for fear of seeming to be against human rights,but we are still working on it and the discontent is growing.

  • I’m an American still trying to grasp how it is the Canadian people haven’t demanded this abomination be dismantled some time ago.

  • […] CHRC: Freedom of Information is Not a Right The Canadian Taxpayer’s Federation has been rebuffed many times by the CHRC in their efforts to access details on the reporting discrepancies of Commissioner Jennifer Lynch’s expenses. After three requests for information in August 2009 were effectively stonewalled by the CHRC for months, the Information Commissioner has now deemed the CHRC to have “placed itself in a position of deemed refusal“. […]

  • Alas aren’t they above the law or they are the law? Remember one of their lawyers asserted something akin to “Human Right’s laws supercede all other laws in Canada” this took place in traffic court I think? The real judge ignored their assinine assertions.