CBC Poll: 65% of Canadians Support Spending Cuts

DEFICITS65% of Canadians support spending cuts to tax hikes or continued large deficits according to a new CBC poll, not accounting for those who either did not express an opinion or did not know. In this vein, 20% supported higher taxes to balance the budget and just under 15% supported the continuation of large deficits. (For results that include undecideds click here).

This is clear evidence that the Conservative government’s  fear of death over the outrage that would accompany any restraint in spending is unfounded.  Of courses there will be the usual yelping from clients of the welfare state about why they should be excluded from any such pruning, but far more Canadians support spending cuts than even support the Conservatives.

Of those 65% (or 46% if you include undecideds) there will be those who support cutting spending, so long as you cut in areas that do not directly affect them.  For example, seniors may support cuts to corporate welfare, but not to health-care.  An Executive at Bombardier or GM may have the opposite view while still supporting overall spending cuts.

The fact is that every one of us has our hands in the taxpayer grab-bag and we think that we are making off at someone else’s expenses. Its time for the Tories to show some real leadership and come forward with some of that same tough-love that helped to get the Liberals re-elected in the 1990s.  Being coy about slapping a few hands in the grab-bag didn’t help Mulroney in any case.

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