It’s time for change and renewal

CCBHjExXIAAntD8On May 5th, Albertans will make a historic choice.

Choosing a 13th big PC majority would mean $2,500 in higher taxes, a blank cheque to impose a PST, continued overspending, and continued corruption for the party’s cronies. It would be rewarding the same club that broke the bank during a period of record oil prices, and then blames Albertans for it. It would be reaffirming their belief that they can do anything that they want, and still cling to power.

A vote for Wildrose is a vote for a strong voice, and a vote for change.

As the former Alberta Director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, I am a proven fighter for taxpayers and for everyday Albertans.

If you’ve ever watched Question Period in the legislature, then you’ve seen Tory backbenchers asking “puff-ball” questions to ministers, written by those very ministers!

Unlike some other candidates, I don’t just read the party line written for me by some PR spin-doctor in Edmonton. If you’ve been reading my columns in these pages over the last few months, you know that I write my own words and think for myself.

While some would represent the government to Strathmore-Brooks, I will represent Strathmore-Brooks to the government.

A vote for the Wildrose is a vote to roll back Prentice’s planned $2,500 increase to your taxes and take on $31 billion in debt.

To do this, the Wildrose will reduce spending by $2.2 billion this year and $3.4 billion by 2017. That will allow us to balance our budget, stop taking on debt, and not raise taxes.

We will find these savings by rolling back cabinet and MLA pay and perks and reducing the number of managers in the bureaucracy by 33%. This, along with other money-saving measures will save taxpayers $308 million a year.

We will ban sole-sourced contracts to insiders and cronies, and put a stop to corporate welfare subsidies. This will save taxpayers $1.5 billion a year.

Alberta Health Services (AHS) has some of the best healthcare professionals in the world, but its management has left our system bloated and top heavy. We will eliminate half of the managers and consultants at AHS and focus resources on the front line. We will cut the government’s advertising and travel budget by 50%, and reduce the number of communications staff by 50%. That will save $297 million.

By not taking on $31 billion in debt as the PC budget calls for, we will save over half a billion dollars a year in interest payments alone.

We will roll back the Prentice budget’s attack on the charitable tax credit, and we will never spend $28 million on an early election. We have a fixed election date law in Alberta, and we will respect the law.

We will ban all corporate and union donations to ensure that politicians cannot be bought by the interests that they are doing business with.

We will make it illegal for politicians who are elected as an MLA for one party to cross the floor to another without a by-election.

We will give parents a clear letter or percentage grade on their children’s report card and make Alberta’s education system world class once again.

We will eliminate mandatory schools fees.

We will focus healthcare dollars on the frontline, not on bureaucrats, managers and communications consultants.

We will fight to ensure that Strathmore and Brooks has the quality long-term seniors care that was promised by successive PC premiers, but never delivered.

We will stop the practice of nickel-and-diming people every time they visit the hospital with two hours of free parking.

We will stand up for rural Alberta as both the economic engine and cultural heartland of the greatest province in the greatest country in the world.

After 44 years, it’s time to turn the page. It’s time for a fresh, new voice that stands up for everyday Albertans. It’s time for change.

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