Derek Fildebrandt

Alberta’s Entrepreneurial Spirit Will Get Us Through This, Not a PST

February opened with a list of academics and former politicians calling for a provincial sales tax (PST) in Alberta. In an editorial, they declared that with significant royalty hikes off the table that the only option left is another round of massive tax hike on Albertans. At no point in their proposal did they propose […]

Royalty Review Was Much Ado About Nothing

The good news: The NDP’s eight-month long royalty review changed pretty much nothing. The bad news: The NDP put Alberta’s oil and gas industry through a eight-month royalty review that created massive uncertainty for investors, and likely cost jobs. For the last two decades, the NDP have matter-of-factly declared that oil and gas companies were […]

Alberta Needs to Stand Up For Itself

Last week, Montreal mayor Denis Coderre stood with scores of other municipal politicians demanding that the Energy East pipeline project be stopped in its tracks. Like a medieval petty lord demanding a toll for transporting goods across his territory, Coderre has claimed that his municipality can now override federal jurisdiction in blocking national infrastructure under the guise of ‘social license’.

New Years Resolutions to the People of Strathmore-Brooks

As 2015 comes to a close and 2016 dawns, many Albertans are scribbling down a few New Years resolutions: lose weight or learn a second language, things like that. But while you may be reviewing the promises that you made to yourself in 2015, I am reviewing the promises that I made to you in […]

How Far We’ve Come

One year ago today, nine former Wildrose MLAs crossed the floor to sit on the government benches. One year ago today, virtually every pundit and political scientist in Alberta wrote Wildrose off for dead, and with reasonable justification. One year ago today, the wheels of history began to turn in a direction that would lead […]

Bill 6 Shows Albertans Can Fight Back

The recent pushback from Albertans against their government over Bill 6 shows that even against the odds, the people of our province have the ability to stand up for themselves when their backs are up against the wall. People make mistakes, and governments are made up of people, so governments are bound to make mistakes. […]

Bill 6 Should Consult Farmers First

The NDP government recently introduced Bill 6, dealing with safety and labour issues on farms. The bill has in a very short period of time attracted considerable attention from concerned farmers and ranchers. My offices in Strathmore, Brooks and Edmonton have been flooded by hundreds of calls and emails from farmers and ranchers who have […]

Progress for Health & Seniors Care in Strathmore-Brooks

It’s important to give credit where credit is due. The NDP government’s October 27th budget contained in it plenty of bad news: record spending, record debt and higher taxes. Despite the bad economic and fiscal news, it does contain in it some good news that shouldn’t be ignored. During the spring provincial election, I committed […]

Budget Takes us from Bad to Worse

Alberta’s NDP finally introduced their long-awaited first budget on October 27th. It won’t come as any surprise to readers that as a fiscally conservative Wildrose MLA, I’m not a big fan of it, but there are many reasons that Albertans should be concerned. Before the budget was even introduced, Alberta was left a significant deficit […]

The Conscience of a Canadian Conservative on October 20th

You can pick your friends. You can’t pick your family. You can pick your government, but mostly you’re struck with what several million others have picked for you. As it happens – I and the vast majority of Albertans – are stuck with what others picked for us. That’s the way democracy works. While I […]