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PC Budget is Tough on Taxpayers, Reckless with Money

Last week, Jim Prentice and his finance minister introduced or increased 59 different taxes and fees. Budget 2015 raises income taxes, health taxes, gasoline taxes, beer taxes, death taxes, birth taxes, marriage taxes, mortgage taxes and insurance taxes. In total, the government plans to squeeze an extra $2.7 billion a year out of us at […]

Prentice Tacks Left

Prentice’s $100,000 taxpayer-fueled infomercial last night was a significant departure from the warnings and signals that he has been sending since December. While the PCs may be the only group of people on the planet that consider a drop in oil prices to be unprecedented, Prentice has been saying for some time now that Albertans […]

Let’s Get Big Money Out of Politics

The Progressive Conservative Party held an event in Brooks, Alberta last week. To advertise the event, the party bought an advertisement in one of the local newspapers offering people the chance to meet Prentice Jim Prentice; however people who wanted to meet the premier were told by the advertisement to “remember to bring your chequebook.”

Voters Deserve a Democratic Warranty

Voters are the employers who pay for and hire their MLAs to represent them in the Legislature, but far too often those MLAs start to think that they are smarter than the people who hired them. They have a four-year contract and often don’t feel obliged to live up to their commitments except when they […]

Prudent Financial Management Starts with Honest Numbers

On February 24th, PC Finance Minister Robin Campbell released the province’s third quarter fiscal update showing a $465 million projected surplus for the current fiscal year. For anyone paying attention to the state of Alberta’s finance’s or the world price of oil, this was a rather bold claim. The Alberta government has been a running […]

Prentice Has Broken the Public’s Trust

Trust is something hard won, and easily lost. In our own lives, a single lie can undo years of built up trust in our personal relationships. In public life, we have become so accustomed to politicians lying that we instinctively don’t believe a word most of them say. We should be able to expect more […]

Don’t Make Albertans Pay for the Government’s Mismanagement

In Alberta, we take responsibility for our own actions. When we mess up, we pay the price, but not so with our government. After 44 years in power and running deficits for the last 7 years, the PCs are the only ones in Alberta who are shocked when the price of oil declines from time-to-time. […]

Brian Jean is the Leader Wildrose Needs Right Now

The Wildrose and the conservative movement in Alberta are at a crossroads: it can fade into irrelevance as Jim Prentice and Danielle Smith hope it will, or it can fight on with intelligence and courage. I fought for our ideals as the Alberta Director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation for six years. I have left […]

When the Opposition is Away, The Government Will Play

Leaving 72 children alone in a room without any adult supervision will have predictable results. Leaving 72 prisoners alone without any guards, will have predictable results. Leaving 72 politicians alone without any opposition, will have predictable results. It is easy to see where Alberta’s government is headed right now if it will not face any […]

The Week of the Long Knives

Callous. Cowardly. Dishonorable. Betrayal on a scale total unimaginable.  This is my attempt to express my sincere shock, disappointment, and even anger in a constructive way, but also some original information not yet reported. I have expressed myself in short statements and in some long verbal conversations with friends, but a more detailed account is […]