First Two Weeks in the Legislature

On May 5th, Albertans voted for a new government led by the NDP and for a larger official opposition to hold it to account, led by the Wildrose. I promised that we would work constructively together where possible, but be tough when necessary. We would not just oppose, but also propose. In short two weeks […]

Mini-Budget Deserves Proper Scrutiny

Alberta’s government is running on autopilot right now, without any budgetary framework in place. In fact, the province’s finances are still being run based on Alison Redford’s budget from March of 2014, the last budget actually passed by the legislature. While former premier Jim Prentice introduced a budget before calling an election, it was never […]

Good Opposition Makes Good Government

On May 5th, Albertans elected a new government and an even stronger official opposition. Both the NDP and the Wildrose have important jobs as we move forward over the next four years. While the new government has been off to a bumpy start, they will likely get a better handle on things as they settle […]

Death of the PC Dynasty & the Rise of the NDP-Wildrose Competitive Democracy

After crunching the numbers on the PC’s “10 year plan” in the budget lockup on March 26th, I half-sarcastically quipped that Jim Prentice had given Alberta its first NDP budget. I didn’t mean it literally, at the time. I’ve been a non-partisan conservative fiscal policy analyst and advocate on the sidelines for most of my […]

Thank You Strathmore-Brooks

Thank you Strathmore-Brooks. I am humbled and honored by the trust that you have placed in me. To those who voted for me, I will honour your trust, follow through on my commitments and endeavor to earn your trust again. To those who did not vote for me, I will serve your interests in the […]

It’s time for change and renewal

On May 5th, Albertans will make a historic choice. Choosing a 13th big PC majority would mean $2,500 in higher taxes, a blank cheque to impose a PST, continued overspending, and continued corruption for the party’s cronies. It would be rewarding the same club that broke the bank during a period of record oil prices, […]

Government Should Lead by Example in Tough Times

Albertans are generous people – especially during tough times like these. We need to be: as oil drilling declines by 40% this year, people here are losing their jobs, or fearing for losing them. In fact, Albertans are the most charitable people in Canada, with the average tax-filer donating $2,289 per year. That’s far above […]

My Values and Convictions

There’s an old joke that some politicians have principles – and if you don’t like those principles, they have others. It’s got roots in truth: some politicians will say and promise anything to keep their grasp on power. Our current government is a case in point. Despite spending $28 million to call an early election […]

5 Priorities for Strathmore-Brooks

After 44 years in power, it’s time for a government whose first priority is Albertans. In Strathmore-Brooks, many issues are unique to us, and some are shared with other Albertans. I believe that there are five major issues facing Strathmore-Brooks right now: 1) the economy and taxes, 2) health and long-term seniors care, 3) education, […]

Wildrose Fiscal Plan Puts Albertans First

I’m proud to campaign on a positive platform for change in Alberta. Change that will see Alberta’s government work for its people, not for itself. Change that will see us balance our budget by 2017. Change that will roll back the largest tax hike in Alberta’s history, to get wasteful and excessive spending under control, […]