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Budget Takes us from Bad to Worse

Alberta’s NDP finally introduced their long-awaited first budget on October 27th. It won’t come as any surprise to readers that as a fiscally conservative Wildrose MLA, I’m not a big fan of it, but there are many reasons that Albertans should be concerned. Before the budget was even introduced, Alberta was left a significant deficit […]

It’s Time to Stop the Blame Game & Solve Alberta’s Fiscal Crisis

On August 31st, the NDP government released its First Quarter Fiscal Update. That update is telling of the state of Alberta’s finances, and the picture isn’t pretty. The provincial government is now on track to record a massive $9.1 billion deficit, the largest by far in Alberta’s history. Unless there is a drastic change in […]

Prudent Financial Management Starts with Honest Numbers

On February 24th, PC Finance Minister Robin Campbell released the province’s third quarter fiscal update showing a $465 million projected surplus for the current fiscal year. For anyone paying attention to the state of Alberta’s finance’s or the world price of oil, this was a rather bold claim. The Alberta government has been a running […]

How to not spend $41 billion

The following OpEd was published in the Calgary Sun One the most important principles of economics is ‘trade-offs.’ That is, that using resources for one thing means that they cannot be used for something else. When you drop $100 on a family trip to the Calgary Zoo, you do not have $100 to spend on […]

CTV Calgary: Alberta government backs down, lets CTF into prebudget meeting

CTV Calgary: CTF Locked out of Alberta Budget Lockup