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It’s Time to Stop the Blame Game & Solve Alberta’s Fiscal Crisis

On August 31st, the NDP government released its First Quarter Fiscal Update. That update is telling of the state of Alberta’s finances, and the picture isn’t pretty. The provincial government is now on track to record a massive $9.1 billion deficit, the largest by far in Alberta’s history. Unless there is a drastic change in […]

PC Budget is Tough on Taxpayers, Reckless with Money

Last week, Jim Prentice and his finance minister introduced or increased 59 different taxes and fees. Budget 2015 raises income taxes, health taxes, gasoline taxes, beer taxes, death taxes, birth taxes, marriage taxes, mortgage taxes and insurance taxes. In total, the government plans to squeeze an extra $2.7 billion a year out of us at […]

Time to fix budget math

The following OpEd was published in the Calgary Herald This week, the University of Calgary’s School of Public Policy held a daylong pow-wow in Edmonton to discuss how to fix Alberta’s convoluted budget framework. The PC government’s last two budgets have obscured some basic facts that Albertans used to take for granted, like: what the […]

A commitment to fiscal responsibility, in writing please

The following OpEd was published in the Calgary Herald Politicians can often be a mushy lot. They can make vague, ill-defined promises to make everyone happy without taking a firm stand on anything. You know the type: promises “hope,” “change,” and “transformation,” but avoids putting much meat on the bones to flesh out what exactly […]

Prentice’s foggy fiscal policies

The following OpEd was published in the Calgary Sun If the pollsters are right (and the last election showed they’re not always) Jim Prentice will be elected PC leader and premier of Alberta. However, thus far his public pronouncements on fiscal policy have been as clear as mud. Some digging into these details and clarification […]

How to spin a $3.9 billion deficit as a $2.6 billion surplus

George Orwell defined “doublethink” as the act of people simultaneously accepting two mutually contradictory beliefs as correct. “Doublethink” would therefore be an apt description of how Finance Minister Doug Horner can declare Alberta is running a $2.6 billion “surplus” when the government is in fact spending $3.9 billion more than it is bringing in. If […]

How to eliminate Alberta’s $3.5 billion deficit

Using the updated numbers from the 3rdQuarter Fiscal Update, the Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) projects that the Redford government is on track to post a $3.5 billion deficit this fiscal year, bringing Alberta’s debt up to $8.7 billion. By the end of fiscal year 2015-16, Alberta’s debt will stand at an eye watering $17 billion. […]

Alberta Debt Clock stands at $7.8 billion

The image most people across Canada have of Alberta is locked in a time capsule. It’s summed up by the picture of a gleaming Ralph Klein hoisting the Alberta debt “Paid in Full” sign above his head in 2004. This image of Alberta has largely endured, even within Alberta somewhat. Alberta was not only debt-free, […]

CTF Calls the Government’s Budget Bluff

Yesterday I was in Edmonton for the first quarter Fiscal and Economic Update. Following in the 2013-14 budget’s tradition, Horner went out of his way to keep spending off the books and present a “deficit” projection divorced from the financial reality of the province, leaving $5.2 billion in capital spending (88% of which is borrowed) […]