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Budget Takes us from Bad to Worse

Alberta’s NDP finally introduced their long-awaited first budget on October 27th. It won’t come as any surprise to readers that as a fiscally conservative Wildrose MLA, I’m not a big fan of it, but there are many reasons that Albertans should be concerned. Before the budget was even introduced, Alberta was left a significant deficit […]

Well That Escalated Quickly…Update on Condo Board Trying to Ban Canadian Flag

Actually, it’s taken the better part of a year to get to this point, but after a long, protracted fight with my condominium board over the right to fly the Canadian flag outside of my townhouse, things have flared up again.

Cities arm for power grab

As Alberta Municipal Affairs Minister Doug Griffiths begins the process of negotiating “big city charters” with Edmonton and Calgary, it’s becoming very apparent what Alberta’s two major cities want out of these charters: More of your money.

A City of Calgary document obtained by the Coalition for Property Tax Fairness (the Canadian Taxpayers Federation is a member) reveals just what new taxing powers some of our municipal politicians may be pressing for.