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The Conscience of a Canadian Conservative on October 20th

You can pick your friends. You can’t pick your family. You can pick your government, but mostly you’re struck with what several million others have picked for you. As it happens – I and the vast majority of Albertans – are stuck with what others picked for us. That’s the way democracy works. While I […]

Sun Waste Report: Party Platforms

Sun Column: This election offers no cheap date

Published in the Sun Media chain and QMI Agency Politicians are everywhere right now: on your TV, at your shopping malls, at your doorsteps and in your wallets. Yet, the most expensive part of an election is not the $300 million spent on counting ballots, but the bidding war that politicians engage in to buy […]

CTV Power Play: Reality check on fiscal conservatism

Long-Gun Registry Vote Scenarios

Below are a few scenarios as to how the vote on Bill C-391 could turn out. But first, the context. The federal long-gun registry has finally begun to stare death in the face as it emerges from the Public Safety Committee. As every opposition member on the committee is staunchly supportive of the program, it […]

Bernier’s Call to End Corporate Taxes is Only Half the Story

Maxime Bernier’s article in yesterday’s National Post makes the case clearly as to why corporate taxes are in reality indirect taxes on people, which are passed on in different forms to investors, consumers and workers. It is worth noting that corporate taxes are one of the few areas of fiscal policy in which the current […]

Flip and/or Flop: Fallout from an MP Expense Audit

“Bipartisanship” is just another word for ‘all-party consensus on how to gang-up on the people.’ This “bipartisanship” is a facade that can only stand so long as all parties see it as in their interest to maintain it. And thus is how the cookie crumbles. “I told you so” would be the likely response from […]