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The announcement today that Stockwell Day is moving to Treasury Board is an interesting move for the feds.  While the finance minister has repeatedly fended off legitimate questions about how savings will be found to balance the budget, Stockwell Day brings a great deal of credibility to this important portfolio as seen by his time […]

‘Stimulus Exit Plan’ Won’t Work Without Cutting Spending

Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Finance Minister Jim Flaherty today stated that Canada’s deficit will be eliminated over a five year period with no spending cuts or tax hikes. All will be well if we restrain spending for a few years and allow revenue to grow. With all due respect, that just not true. Program […]

Harper Calls Chrétien More Conservative than Mulroney

“The [former] Liberal government is more conservative on most issues than the [earlier] Progressive Conservative government. Whatever the Liberals [did] seem[ed] moderate because [we] urge[d] them to go further and faster. Conservative voters [got] better results as outsiders influencing a Liberal government than they did as an inside influence within a Progressive Conservative government.” Well, […]

Published in Report Magazine ~ Stop Digging: The size of the debt is only half the story. It’s the rate of its growth, and the inability of government to reverse it that will bury us.

The following article appears in the Fall 2009 issue of Report Magazine. What a difference a few months can make. In last October’s federal election, both parties contending for power – Liberal and Conservative – and even the opposition parties – NDP, Bloc Québécois and Greens – all pledged to support balanced budgets. Fast forward […]

Common Sense from Rick Mercer on the Deficit

Harper Government’s New Debt vs. Debt Repayments

Politicians in the current government are often caught appeasing deficit weary Canadians by assuring us that they paid down loads of debt before turning on the taps of “stimulus”.  Well how true is this claim?  Bunk.  At least according to you know, facts. Below is a calculation by the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, spelling out exactly […]