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Alberta Needs to Stand Up For Itself

Last week, Montreal mayor Denis Coderre stood with scores of other municipal politicians demanding that the Energy East pipeline project be stopped in its tracks. Like a medieval petty lord demanding a toll for transporting goods across his territory, Coderre has claimed that his municipality can now override federal jurisdiction in blocking national infrastructure under the guise of ‘social license’.

It’s Time for Alberta’s Government to Stand Up for Alberta

Most citizens expect their provincial premier to stand up for their province’s interests. It should go without saying that Alberta’s government should stand up for Alberta’s interests, but it’s a point that needs to be repeated right now. Nearly every economic expert in Alberta understands that building pipelines to get our products to market is […]

Calgary Sun: All Quiet on the Western Front as Redford Capitulates on Equalization

In war, when one side is clearly beat, they will sometimes put up a token fight before surrendering: A small battle to show that you don’t enjoy being beaten and perhaps to encourage a degree respect from the victors. No such token resistance was given by Premier Alison Redford as she unconditionally capitulated to the status quo […]

Sun News Network: CTF calls for a new deal on Equalization

Redford needs to show leadership on equalization

As the province with the most to lose, westerners look to Alberta for leadership in resisting federal pickpocket schemes like equalization.