• 24Mar

    bootsWhile the hygienic-hippies may not have been wearing brown shirts at the University of Ottawa last night, the tactics used to shut down an event billed as a “Free Speech Tour” were not without some sense of nostalgia.

    For self-proclaimed peaceniks, violently throwing aside the registration table, intimidating volunteers, attempting to storm the doors, blocking the entrance to registered attendees, bullying an elderly man and pulling the fire alarm would seem to be out of character. But anyone who has seen professional student activists who don’t seem to like the idea of having to pony-up a few bucks for their own education, this was them in their usual game-face.

    Ann Coulter is over-the-top, sometimes rude, always offensive, never without an opinion, but the decision to listen to her or not rests with the right of free citizens to A: continue to listen, or B: change the channel. I myself was on the fence about going until the University of Ottawa’s self-styled censor-in-chief (send him your thoughts at francois.houle@uottawa.ca) sent an oh-so-slightly veiled threat to Coulter on charging her with hate-crimes. Well a foreign hate-monger teamed with home-grown threat-to-the-peace Ezra Levant made it too hot a ticket to say no to now! But just as well, I had the right not to go. As it turns out, the opposite choice was not an option.

    That same day Google (peace be upon it) took a courageous stand for free-speech over their own profit by refusing to be censored by quasi-communist China.  It’s now time for the federal and provincial governments to show that same courage, do away with their respective “Human Rights” Commissions, and vow that Tie-Dye Shirt thugs will face criminal prosecution when they use physical force to deprive Canadians of their right to their own speech, and to listen to others.