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Please Raise My Taxes. And Harper Eats Babies.

Praise the Over Lord! Heather Mallick of the Toronto Star has finally said what so many of us just knew all along, ‘we don’t pay enough taxes.’ “In fact, just about every mess we’re in is because we don’t pay enough of them.” You know, because we only pay on average 42% of our incomes […]

On CTV Power Play: Iggy Arena Funding & Debt Clock Tour

Long-Gun Registry Vote Scenarios

Below are a few scenarios as to how the vote on Bill C-391 could turn out. But first, the context. The federal long-gun registry has finally begun to stare death in the face as it emerges from the Public Safety Committee. As every opposition member on the committee is staunchly supportive of the program, it […]

Rex Murphy Fillets the Long-Gun Registry

Watch this video of the Rex Murphy – speaking in his usual vernacular – slicing and dicing the Long-Gun Registry with all the skill of a seasoned angler, hungry after a bad hunting season.

Whip-It (not so) Good!

When programs run too long, you must whip it. Now whip it…Whip it good! News in today that Iggy Pop will be whipping his caucus with more discipline than the hair of a washed up 80’s perm-job. It’s an attempt to appease pro long-gun registry militants in his caucus who criticised his leadership for allowing […]

Leftist Echos of Harper’s ’97 Essay “Our Benign Dictatorship”

In 1997, Stephen Harper and Tom Flanagan jointly penned an essay titled “Our Benign Dictatorship” in which they laid out why the Liberal government of the time was essentially undefeatable, as well as what would be required for it’s defeat.  Namely, they pointed to electoral co-operation (between Reform and the PCs) in the form of […]