• 28Sep

    Neil Young released his latest album, “Le Noise” today. While I’ve only had the opportunity to review one single at this time, I’ve got only one thing to to say to Neil: stick to your knitting. While not even approaching anything as bad as most of his work ranging from the mid-1970s to early 1990s (think Re-ac-tor and Trans), Young is at his best when jamming with Crazy Horse or strumming an acoustic with only a harmonica as his partner.

    Producer Daniel Lanois is very well respected and talented, but not stylistically suited to the raw, unplugged style brought to life by Young.

    After listening to the rest of the alum I hope to eat my words and beg forgiveness, but chances are better that I’ll hold out hope for another big comeback like Harvest Moon.

  • 15Jul

    When the politicians leave Ottawa for the summer, some pretty good bands make their way here.  This summer promises not to disappoint with AC/DC, Metallica and two that I’m going to see: KISS and Blue Rodeo.

    In what was only a slight departure from the regular standards of parliamentary decorum, Gene Simmons toured the House of Commons and Senate yesterday and will take the stage tonight.

    Since I still have to work tomorrow, I can’t party every day, but I’ll certainly rock & roll all night!

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