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Death of the PC Dynasty & the Rise of the NDP-Wildrose Competitive Democracy

After crunching the numbers on the PC’s “10 year plan” in the budget lockup on March 26th, I half-sarcastically quipped that Jim Prentice had given Alberta its first NDP budget. I didn’t mean it literally, at the time. I’ve been a non-partisan conservative fiscal policy analyst and advocate on the sidelines for most of my […]

National Post Column: It’s time to kick the politicians off electoral welfare

Published in the National Post and other Post Media outlets When the Canadian Taxpayers Federation pulled its National Debt Clock in front of Parliament Hill last month, a formerly homeless man approached and stared in amazement. After a minute of staring at the massive, spinning clock, the man said, “I’ve lived on the street and […]

Published in the National Post ~ Derek Fildebrandt: Make Senate reform a confidence vote

The following article appears in the January 25, 2010 edition of the National Post, & Canada Free Press. Few politicians are thought to have Senate reform in their blood the way Prime Minister Stephen Harper does. Having campaigned for it beginning in the late 1980s and winning two general elections with it as a significant […]