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Thank You Strathmore-Brooks

Thank you Strathmore-Brooks. I am humbled and honored by the trust that you have placed in me. To those who voted for me, I will honour your trust, follow through on my commitments and endeavor to earn your trust again. To those who did not vote for me, I will serve your interests in the […]

Sun Waste Report: Party Platforms

The Source with Ezra Levant: NDP Economics

CTV Power Play: NDP go all capitalist on us

Long-Gun Registry Vote Scenarios

Below are a few scenarios as to how the vote on Bill C-391 could turn out. But first, the context. The federal long-gun registry has finally begun to stare death in the face as it emerges from the Public Safety Committee. As every opposition member on the committee is staunchly supportive of the program, it […]

Flip and/or Flop: Fallout from an MP Expense Audit

“Bipartisanship” is just another word for ‘all-party consensus on how to gang-up on the people.’ This “bipartisanship” is a facade that can only stand so long as all parties see it as in their interest to maintain it. And thus is how the cookie crumbles. “I told you so” would be the likely response from […]

Socialism for the Rich: NDPer Wasylycia-Leis to Cash in Mega-Pension

Its a fitting way for a champion of the poor to leave Parliament.  NDP MP Judy Wasylycia-Leis today announced her retiring from federal politics so that she can make her way into municipal politics as Winnipeg’s new mayor.  Ms. Wasylycia-Leis was a tireless advocate for wealth redistribution and state management of the economy during her […]

East Coast Lessons for Ottawa

While MPs in Ottawa discuss whether or not to open their own expense accounts to Auditor General Sheila Fraser at a secretive committee, Nova Scotia has already led the way when they opened their own books. The result was less than flattering and led to a surge in public distrust, resignations and a Teddy Waste […]

Kicking Taxes and Taking Names: How did your MP vote on 10%er Junk-Mail?

Well those who claim that the Conservatives cannot do anything too taxpayer-friendly because the opposition won’t let them, please take a seat. Gather-round the fire as we roast the marshmallow logic used to keep small-c conservatives in line. A Liberal motion to end the practice of taxpayer-funded MP junk-mail – oft known as 10%ers – […]

NDP Gets It’s Talking Points From the Taxpayers Federation

Canada’s main socialist party is now getting its talking points from an organization that attacks the Conservatives for being too big a spenders?  Stranger things have happened, but David Christopherson, an MP from the Hamilton-Windsor area and the NDP democratic reform critic attacked the Harper government for its 5 Senate appointments today as a farce” […]