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How Far We’ve Come

One year ago today, nine former Wildrose MLAs crossed the floor to sit on the government benches. One year ago today, virtually every pundit and political scientist in Alberta wrote Wildrose off for dead, and with reasonable justification. One year ago today, the wheels of history began to turn in a direction that would lead […]

To do list for Prentice

The following OpEd was published in the Calgary Sun The pundit-ocracy has already spilled a lot of ink about Mr. Prentice’s new (and not so new) cabinet and potential by-elections, but what about a policy agenda? Mr. Prentice has a well-deserved record as an accomplished and intelligent man, but his leadership campaign was typical of […]

Prentice’s foggy fiscal policies

The following OpEd was published in the Calgary Sun If the pollsters are right (and the last election showed they’re not always) Jim Prentice will be elected PC leader and premier of Alberta. However, thus far his public pronouncements on fiscal policy have been as clear as mud. Some digging into these details and clarification […]