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Why I am running to be your MLA

I am running to become the new Wildrose MLA for Strathmore-Brooks because Alberta deserves better than the government it has. As the former Alberta Director for the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, I traveled to nearly every corner of our great province last summer with the Alberta Debt Clock. In city after city and town after town, […]

Let’s Get Big Money Out of Politics

The Progressive Conservative Party held an event in Brooks, Alberta last week. To advertise the event, the party bought an advertisement in one of the local newspapers offering people the chance to meet Prentice Jim Prentice; however people who wanted to meet the premier were told by the advertisement to “remember to bring your chequebook.”

Prudent Financial Management Starts with Honest Numbers

On February 24th, PC Finance Minister Robin Campbell released the province’s third quarter fiscal update showing a $465 million projected surplus for the current fiscal year. For anyone paying attention to the state of Alberta’s finance’s or the world price of oil, this was a rather bold claim. The Alberta government has been a running […]

Prentice Has Broken the Public’s Trust

Trust is something hard won, and easily lost. In our own lives, a single lie can undo years of built up trust in our personal relationships. In public life, we have become so accustomed to politicians lying that we instinctively don’t believe a word most of them say. We should be able to expect more […]

Don’t Make Albertans Pay for the Government’s Mismanagement

In Alberta, we take responsibility for our own actions. When we mess up, we pay the price, but not so with our government. After 44 years in power and running deficits for the last 7 years, the PCs are the only ones in Alberta who are shocked when the price of oil declines from time-to-time. […]